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REHEARSAL TIME, August 16, 1974 (Mp3)



 August 16, 1974

RCA's Studios, Hollywood, CA. (Rehearsal)

If You Love Me
 Promised Land
Down In The Alley
 It's Midnight
 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming
Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
Softly As I Leave You
 I'm Leavin'
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Proud Mary
If You Talk In Your Sleep
If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
The Twelfth Of Never
 Faded Love * (not present in this file)
Just Pretend * (not present in this file)

Guitar: James Burton
Guitar: John Wilkinson
Bass: Duke Bardwell
Drums: Ronnie Tutt
Piano: Glen D. Hardin Vocals: Voice
Vocals: Charlie Hodge

(DCR Records - Digital remastered - Improved sound)

1974, 16 august - Rehearsal Time (DCR) 1file MP3.rar  (73,62 MB)

6 commenti:

  1. Improved sound my ass!! The sound on this is terrible, for one thing it's in 128 KBPS which isn't the best quality, and you can tell by the sound that it has been reduced in file size therefore it has damaged the actual sound.

    The King deserves to be heard much better than this.

  2. Secondo me il suono è ottimo considerando che è una prova,in generale un po migliore rispetto ad altre prove edite dalla ftd,quindi eccellente per un bootleg.Grazie infinite Donny per aver condiviso questa rarità con tutti noi elvisiani.

    1. Grazie a te per aver apprezzato la condivisione e l'impegno profuso per rendere disponibile un "rehearsal" difficilmente reperibile (in attesa di vederlo pubblicato dalla SONY/FTD con qualità migliorata).

  3. Did you listen to the PA album of this concert, this is much better sound

    1. Yes, and you're right!
      Thanks for your contribution

    2. bj serait t il possible de ravoir le lien il n est plus bon merci de la france